Veritas Prep

Why Veritas?

Educating our youth is paramount to our society.  Many private schools don't receive funds from the federal govt or the state, yet they exist for the betterment of the student.  Veritas helps the Williamsburg House of Mercy on the first Friday of the month for their mobile food pantry.  They help provide donations to the Hope Pregnancy Center and more.  You can follow the school on their Facebook or Instagram pages. 

You can make a difference

Every donation regardless of the size makes a difference for a small private school without government funding.  It could mean the difference of new science equipment, literature books, or to help alleviate field trip costs.  Every donation makes a difference. 

From their website: Veritas Preparatory School is a classical school.  For most of Western history, education was classical.  This education formed such people as St. Augustine, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, C. S. Lewis, and Pope Benedict XVI. The rapid revival of classical schools across the United States in the past decade or two testifies to the appeal of this model.  Classical schools look to a long tradition of learning, one that extends back through Western civilization to the Greeks and Romans.

Classical education is based on a belief that human beings are unique in the natural world through their intelligence and free will.  They are able to contemplate truth and beauty.  An education that helps our students to become the best human beings possible will have this contemplation as its goal.  Such an education is based on a conviction that creation is knowable, and that through study and thought humans can learn about the physical world, human nature, and God.