15 Hello Kitty-Themed Attractions That Are Cute Cat Overload

  • 15 Hello Kitty-Themed Attractions That Are Cute Cat Overload

    Hello Kitty fans, put these adorable Sanrio cafes, hotels, and theme parks on your bucket list.

    Japan’s Hello Kitty made her debut in 1974 and swiftly became one of the world’s most recognizable characters. No matter where you go, you’ll come across the cute white cat with a pink bow on her ear and no mouth. Sanrio (the official home of Hello Kitty & Friends) initially put the character on stationery and toys, but fans grew hungry for more. Now, you can visit Hello Kitty attractions in Russia, America, Taiwan, and other countries. Fans can stay in Kitty-themed hotel rooms, eat bow-topped macarons at her cafes, and wear pink clothes from her boutiques. Diehards can even get their teeth cleaned in a Sanrio dental clinic or give birth in a Kitty maternity ward. Enjoy this Hello Kitty world tour, and fair warning—these places are pink cuteness overload.

    Courtesy of Sanrio and the Hotel Grand Chariot

  • Hello Kitty Grand Cafe

    WHERE: Irvine, California, USA

    In 2018, the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe became the first permanent Sanrio restaurant in America. During the day, Californians can enjoy afternoon tea served on Kitty-shaped metal racks. The snack selection includes cat-shaped donuts with pink sprinkles and lattes decorated with her face. At night, adults can hang out in the Bow Room cocktail bar, which has a glowing Hello Kitty silhouette on one wall. Sip on a “Berry Kawaii” cocktail with pink cat-shaped ice cubes, and take plenty of selfies with her four-foot-high statue.


    Both: Courtesy of Hello Kitty Grand Cafe

  • Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

    WHERE: Johor, Malaysia

    Hello Kitty takes on a swashbuckling persona at Malaysia’s Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour. The waterfront hotel has 12 themed rooms featuring the Japanese cat, including some with a blue nautical theme. Sleep under a mural of Pirate Hello Kitty—she has an eyepatch and a hook for a paw, and is surrounded by anchors tied with pink ribbon. Other suites are a strange mash-up between the cat and the Wizard of Oz, with paintings of her journey on the Yellow Brick Road.


    Both: Tomohiro Ohtake [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr

  • Hotel Grand Chariot

    WHERE: Awaji, Japan

    Go glamping with Hello Kitty in her home country of Japan. Awaji’s Hotel Grand Chariot offers 23 “cocoons,” or high-end cabins, and one of these is decorated to honor Kitty-chan. The cocoon looks like a spacious wooden igloo with circular skylights that let you gaze at the stars. After a nature walk, lounge on the sofa with stuffed toys, or take a bath in the cedar tub with Hello Kitty bath salts.


    Courtesy of Sanrio and the Hotel Grand Chariot

  • Hello Kitty Island

    WHERE: Seoul, Korea

    N Seoul Tower, the highest observation point in Seoul and a popular landmark, has been conquered by Hello Kitty. Her “island” is, in fact, an exhibition space designed for Instagram. Snap a selfie at the neon pink Hello Kitty bus stop. Then, explore her house that has a white grand piano, cat-shaped bookcase, and wall of roses. Before you go, write a wish inside a red paper heart, and hang it on the corridor of love so that it comes true.


  • Hello Kitty Airport Lounge

    WHERE: Taipei, Taiwan

    Taipei’s Taoyuan Airport has a Hello Kitty lounge complete with pink seats, a play area, and a nursing station. Head to Terminal 2, Gate C3 and look for a cheerful waiting area topped with a bow. A statue of Hello Kitty dressed as a pilot greets travelers, and pastel murals show the cat visiting landmarks in Sydney, India, New York, Rome, and Paris. Kill time before your flight at the enormous gift store where you can shop for Kitty jewelry, backpacks, kitchenware, and even a robot vacuum.



  • Puroland

    WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

    For Hello Kitty devotees, the ultimate pilgrimage is to Puroland, her original theme park on the outskirts of Tokyo. Pass through the glowing rainbow entrance, and you’ll be bombarded by life-sized mascots and cat-shaped food. Some of the dining options are on the dubious site, such as blue curry with rice shaped like a cinnamon roll. The rides are only for small children, but anyone can drop yen at the Hello Kitty gift shops. Don’t miss the head-scratching Hello Kitty musical, which lowers characters from the sky and has them dance on stage to frenetic J-pop songs.


    Erica Rivera [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]/Flickr

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