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Saint Bede

Hello parishioners of St. Bede!  Thank you for visiting Sail and Sand Travel - your local family, couples, and luxury travel specialists. 

Would you love to give to your Parish at not extra cost to you? Good news!  Our agency has a fundraising program with St. Bede Parish.  The concept is simple - you book your vacation with our team and a portion of the commission earned will be donated back to the Parish.  

These services include finding the right match for your vacation ideas, servicing the reservation before, during and after travel, and arranging any special experiences or needs for your trip. 

House of Mercy

Did you know that the House of Mercy is the number one charity in Williamsburg?  We are happy to have contributed to that statistic, to include volunteering with food distribution on Fridays.  The House of Mercy provides food for those in need and shelter to the homeless in the winter months, as well as portable showers for the homeless.  Human dignity is something we should always view as important.  

Your personal contact is fellow parishioner Judy Fiorello 

How to get started

Fill out the contact form and when we reach out to you be sure to mention that you are with St. Bede Parish and are interested in giving back with your trip!  Our goal is to relieve the stress of travel planning and contribute locally to help others.  Like a skipping stone in a pond the ripple affects from one stone can touch many lives.  

Once the vacation is complete and Sail and Sand Travel receives the commission from your trip (already factored into your reservation regardless where you book your trip), the donation will be made to Saint Bede Church, or House of Mercy.  It's as simple as that!  Travel for good.  

While we love to give and do our best to volunteer and be charitable - you can't give from an empty vessel.  Therefore, if you're planning to travel and don't already have a travel planner then consider Sail and Sand Travel for your next trip.