What to Expect During Your Vacation Planning Process

The internet is a great tool for information, seeing what's available, and for pricing.  Keep in mind that there is a LOT of “shiny objects” and free advice out there, and it’s easy to get disillusioned or overwhelmed - which is probably why you came to us in the first place.  (Hello Human)

​H​ere​'​s what you can expect from us: 

  • We are here for you every step of the way, before, during and after the vacation for any questions or concerns regarding your travel or destination.
  • We take care of (most*) everything for you and to advise about things you may not have considered; and especially for any bumps in the vacation road.
  • We are your advocate in the planning and booking process - we always have your best interest in mind.
  • You work closely with us and we work closely with quality companies to offer you a great getaway.
      • Because we have already spent our time and expertise locating you the best value for your trip, we don't compete with other travel agencies or online services.  
  • We will ask you a series of questions to better understand who you are, what you like to do, and what you're looking to experience.
  • ​Anything we offer up to you is always in an attempt to make your vacation more enjoyable, or more of what you're looking to experience. ​ ​The last thing we want to hear you say, "I didn't know about that or we may have tried it."
  • We aren't the internet... we do so much more than simply take your reservation.  We are your anchor, your advisor, and assist you with expert advice and concierge level service. 

Making the Reservation

  • Once we've received your form, we will present you with 3 options ​ in your quote​ - no need to overwhelm you with more​; unless you already know what you want. ​
    • NOTE:  We look for the best value without sacrificing quality. You don't want to reach your destination and be completely disappointed with shabby digs or poor service. 
  • Now that we've had our personal consultation the next step is making the reservation which requires a deposit to be paid - no reservation is held until deposit is made, especially for airfare.  We make the reservations for you, take care of all the paperwork and advise you of any requirements regarding your travel.
    • We print your cruise boarding passes and luggage tags and provide a protective sleeve that we purchase just for our clients. 
  • All payments are made through us on your behalf.  NOTE: We don't charge a client's credit card without permission.
  • We will inform you of any restrictions, penalties, or changes for the reservation.  
  • We have an easy payment plan until final payment is required according to your reservation.  If your travel date is close then full payment may be required by the vendor (cruise line, hotel, resort, etc.) 

After the Reservation is booked:

  • We monitor your reservation for any available upgrades, changes in price, applicable promotions, etc. There is no guarantee for any upgrades or applicable promotions but we do check all current promotions with your reservation. 
  • You may make payments along the way. 
  • You have access to your trip information via our online client portal
  • You will receive a series of emails from us regarding your destination and upcoming travel experiences. ​ We want to keep in touch during your "vacation waiting period". ​
  • ​120​ - 45 days prior to departure the final payment will be required by the Travel Company where you reservation is booked. 
  • Two weeks prior to departure you will receive your travel documents from us per your instructions - printed or electronic.  
  • The day before departure you will receive an email with any updates on your reservation, or weather information, etc. 
  • ​The day of departure we generally text you to be sure you arrived safely and if there are any concerns.  

During Travel: 

  • While on your vacation we are still available to you via text, email, phone, messenger, etc. should you need our assistance, or have any questions that aren't being answered​ directly from your resort, cruise ship, hotel, or guide.
  • We L-O-V-E to see photos posted on our FBK Sail and Sand page!  Some clients like to email these to us instead and (with permission) we post on our social media.  This allows us to share in your joy of your vacation.  
  • Mid way through your vacation we reach out to you via email for a mid-trip check in to be sure all is well. 
  • Upon arrival back home you will receive a welcome home email and a request for any feedback you wish to provide regarding your trip via our travel review. 
  • ​We appreciate any reviews you care to share on Facebook, or Travel Leaders page

Whew!  We could use a nap after all that! 
As you can see there is far more involved then simply making the booking. 

We look forward to working with you ​for ​your next vacation.  Contact us with if you have any questions or for a quote. 

*Most - we say "most" because some of the airline, cruise lines, or resorts require the guest to do the online check-in process as you must agree to the company terms and agreements.  Please read our Consumer Disclosure below. 


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