Client Portal

Below you will find an overview of how to access your client portal, view your information and make a payment

If you have booked travel with us previously then you may have received an email like the one to the right.* 
This is our client portal which has all your travel information for your past and future trips with our agency. 
It includes:
  • Our agent information
  • Allows you to communicate with us
  • Schedule a payment
  • Set your preferences for types of vacations (cruises & resorts)
  • Add a bucket list to your profile
  • See your payment information and current balance - you never have to guess what your balance is on your reservation.  
​If we've uploaded a document, such as a reservation confirmation, then it will be listed in your trip and you can view or download that document. 
You can also share your travels on social media with your friends and family.  
Note: * You are not required to participate using the client portal.  It is simply a tool designed for you to see and interact with your vacation information.  

Let's walk through some of the features on the client portal.

When you receive your email like the one above then you will need to ACTIVATE your account. 

Once you activate your account and login then you will be taken to your dashboard which looks similar to this one.  This is an example of what you will see for your client profile.  

This gives you an overview of your tasks, profile information, trip management and more. 

welcome screen
trip mgmt

Click the "Trip Management" on the left- hand side of the screen, and then click "My Trips". 

You will see a list of all vacations past and future for your profile. (this is an example therefore pricing is not accurate)

You can view more of a specific vacation information for the trips that are highlighted in blue. 
Select one trip to review the information.

Trips 2
Once you click on the trip then you will see all the information for that trip. You can see any documents that may have been uploaded to your account

On the selected trip it doesn't matter if you click the blue highlighted trip or the "view" button on the far right - both will take you to the information.  You will notice it will tell you if you're "ready to travel" or if you've already traveled.   

You can even pre-approve a payment to your account.* 
pmt screen

Once you select the green button to make a payment, or schedule a payment, make sure your card information is up to date, and enter the amount and the date you would like for the payment.*  You can set up multiple dates if you wish to have a payment plan, which allows you to set it and forget it.  We will be notified of your payment request and handle it accordingly.

Note:* the pre-approved payment doesn't automatically charge your card, as it gives us permission to charge your card on the date you requested. 

In the Resorts and Hotels section or the Cruises section on the left-hand side under "My Travel Agent" you can set your preferences and even search for these items.

We hope you have found this information helpful and will consider utilizing this great tool to assist you.  Of course we are always here for your with an email, phone, or text message.  We enjoy hearing from you.