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This will list everything you need to know on how we work. 
If you are looking to price shop then we aren't the team for you. 

Our hard work and efforts on your behalf are rewarded with the reservations we book for you.  We are unable to assist with any reservations our agency didn't create. ​



Our services are complimentary (free) to those who book travel with us.  We don't have any hidden fees and are up front on expected costs. We search for the best value without sacrificing quality. 

Occasionally, there are situations when we plan the itinerary and the client makes their own reservations.  For this type of travel we charge a $250 service fee.  



There are some who may believe the need for a travel professional is unnecessary with the age of the internet and online booking. This isn't you.  You value the knowledge, training and personal touch of a travel professional. 

Or, you simply want a professional to do the work for you, even if you know exactly what you want.  You're tired of doing it all yourself!

Our travel philosophy is simple: 

​The world is full of fabulous architecture, amazing food and beautiful sights.  You should experience it ...and we should plan it for you. 
We want to share our experience and vacation planning advice with you so you don't have to go it alone.  

There is no call center, no constant repeating of who you are, or what your vacation plans are about.  You work closely with us and we work closely with valued partners to bring you a great vacation experience.  If you hit a bump in the vacation road then we are here to assist.    
Who are Our clients?  They are travelers who:
  • Know vacations are important for quality of life, health and rejuvenation from daily stress. 
  • Want to take a great vacation but have one busy schedule, and no desire to do hours of research on their own.
  • Want to reconnect with each other and family and have some fun and adventure. 
  • They value the service of a professional.
  • Want to learn and engage with a destination
  • Enjoys good food
  • Appreciate rich heritage and seek authenticity
  • Gives back to the community, or the destination they visit.  
If this sounds like you, then we could be a good fit as your travel professional. 


PINK sand!


PIc Mky3

Book lover.  Former educator.  Movie fan.  Sunshine required.

"I love the travel bubble and to be taken care of every step of the way.  As an Air Force spouse married to an adventure seeking husband our family has been blessed to travel to Argentina, Italy, Germany, England, China, France, Poland, the Caribbean, and around the good ole USA.  A few of my most favorite vacations are visiting Italy via guided tour, sailing the Disney ships, and enjoying Beaches Turks and Caicos.

Specializing in  All Inclusive Resorts, Cruising (ACC), Guided Tours, Caribbean and Hawaii Specialist, and Disney Destinations. Graduate BA University of Oklahoma (OU). Certified Travel Associate. 

181010_054042_67 - Copy

Wanderlust spirit.  Former educator.  Loving life.  

"As a Florida kid, I traveled to Disney World at least twice a year for most of my 20 yrs.  Epcot opened my mind to a world of exciting travel destinations, and as an adult I have visited several European countries, including France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Ireland.  With my son living in Alaska, I am becoming quite the Alaska expert and am hoping to join the 40-Below Club at some point.  I've also worked in-depth with student travel groups visiting the US from Europe. One of my favorite trips was traveling Route 66 with my sister.

Specializing in group Cruising, US itineraries, European vacations, and student group travel.  Graduate BA University of South Florida

Why book with a travel planner?

Our experience, knowledge, and personalized service means you will find the best trip at the best value with the best service.  The question is… 

Why would you DIY something so important when you can have a travel professional do it for you and be your advocate as well? 

  • Consultation - You don't have to go it alone. There is ton of information on the internet and it can be overwhelming and confusing. ​We hear this often.
  • Service - Concierge level service means you work directly with us not a call center or 800 number. (hello human) We are here for you before, during and after your trip. 
  • Booking - Booking with us means easy payment options that you don't get with online agencies.  
  • Itinerary - You receive a detailed itinerary that you can choose to follow, or make adjustments as you see fit.
  • Personal Touch - Our trip countdown email series means you are well prepared for your journey. Planning your favorite activities. 
  • Value - We search for great value without sacrificing quality. ​​​(it's not a deal if it's the wrong experience)
  • Easy - We don't compete with other travel agents/agencies.  Because the price comes directly from the travel companies it's generally the same regardless of where you book your travel; leaving you no need to price shop with us.  


Of course everyone wants a good value.  That's why we give you the best price up front and look for added amenities for that price.  It's human nature to think "there may be a better deal" out there.  However, you waste time and exasperate yourself by continuing to search site after site - which is probably why you came to us in the first place. 

Think we're a good fit?  Then reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.